Lviv is the major transportation hub in the western part of Ukraine. It has an international airport as well as international railway and bus connections. Daily flights are between Kyiv, Moscow, Munich, Vienna and Warsaw. The direct railway connections are with Bratislava, Budapest, Krakow, Kyiv, Uzhgorod, Mukacheve, Chernivtsi and many other places. If you would like to book railway tickets for domestic Ukrainian routes, please try here. For more information on how to get to Lviv, please click here.


The municipal transport in Lviv has tram, trolleybus, and bus networks, including popular small yellow buses ("marshrutka"), where you pay cash to the driver. The ticket prices are negligible (2 UAH ~ circa 20 Euro cents), but you have to pay per each ride. Tram and trolleybus tickets can be bought in the kiosks near the stops and should be validated inside the vehicle. You can also buy tickets from the driver. The public transport may be crowded, and there may be delays caused by traffic jams in the downtown. The alternative is taxi – these may be cars of different brands and colours, but with characteristic chequered light on the rooftop. The ride from/to the airport would cost 5-10 Euros. It is cheaper to order a cab via phone. If you catch a cab in the street, it is acceptable and recommended to bargain the price in advance (some cars do not have taxi meters). If you need a receipt, please mention this explicitly when ordering the taxi. Mostly taxi has to be paid in cash. Get more information about public transport in Lviv here.



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